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Expert Management

We implement the right strategies with our nearly 300 expert employees and network.

Secure Investment

You can make your payments safely with the world-famous and secure CoinPayment infrastructure. At the same time, our infrastructure is protected against 500 terabytes of DDOS attacks.

Verified Security

KYC Verified user can only transact. We accept KYC-approved users in order to take legal action in possible fraud cases and to protect the rights of our members.

Instant Withdrawal

Fast and automatic withdrawals. Withdrawals are definitely NOT done manually! Withdrawal requests are made automatically.


Welcome to Coin Miner Pro

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Coin Miner Pro is an investment company, whose tea working on making money from the volatility of cryptocurrencies and offer great returns to our clients.
We work for high profitability and profit. We add value to your money with the packages prepared by our expert investment experts for you!

With the investments it receives, Coin Miner Pro Invest Company carries out trade transactions on the stock exchanges around the world. It currently continues its investments in the stock exchanges of New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Canada and Switzerland. There are also Bitcoin and Ethereum farms in Norway and Iceland. New investments are made from the pool provided by your investments and the profit accumulated in the pool is distributed to the investors.

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We've Got Answers

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

<p>It is a program where you make money by investing your money you want to save completely in coins and making a profit without any loss.</p>

<span>There are 40 different types of coins in our system. Payments are accepted in USDT. Whichever coin package you want to invest in, USDT is automatically converted to the type of coin you want to invest in at the current rate with the CoinPayment structure, and you can see how much coin you have invested without investing.</span>

<span>Our company has been serving in the financial sector since 2016. It receives support from certain banks and private finance companies from Belgium, South Korea, Australia and Canada. Various trade transactions are made with the incoming investments. Payments are made to the investors together with the dividends collected in the pool.</span><br />

<p>Your investments transfer your profit share to the available balance in 24-hour periods. You can shoot your every deposited profit share. Min withdrawal limit is not applied by our company. You can make payment with CoinPayment or bank transfer. You can withdraw your payments in the currency of your choice. It is credited to your account within an average of 1 day.</p>


How To Deposit !

You can deposit with any type of coin you want. Your payments are directly converted to USD with the assurance of CoinPayment. You can see how much coin you need to send without paying at the current exchange rate.